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RO It's all about the adhesive

Adhesive, this liquid thing that handfully bonds your gorgeous extensions to the natural lash. It surely shouldn't be so complicated, right? So why is it that when you think you got it all going on, something happens and change the game? You used the same adhesive before, or even sometimes the same bottle so why is it not working anymore?

Well, I sooo wish I had a clear answer but it's a tricky subject. I'll cover some of the main explanations that comes back regularly which personally helped me in the past. There are so many different adhesives on the market, they have different consistency, colour, packaging, ingredients but some things stay the same: how to shake them, the affect the humidity has on them, the best way to store them.

Shaking of the adhesive

Of course, like most things (except cheese and alcohol), adhesive is better when it's freshly made but whether it's been sitting in store for few hours or few months, the components of the adhesive can separate quickly (think about a home made vinaigrette: oil on top, vinegar, finally mustard at the bottom). It does need a good shake before using. When I say "a good shake" it is a strong shake not just tilting the bottle upside down. Remove the cap, hold a lint free tissue on the nozzle with your index and the bottom with your thumb for a good grip, use your wrist to tilt as you shake vigorously.

lash extension adhesive shake

If it's the first time you use this bottle or haven't used it recently, always give a 2 minutes shake (talking about food and drinks earlier, if you shake it hard enough, you might burn enough calories to have a piece of chocolate...just think about it). 

If the first drop looks dodgy (pigment separating, wrong texture...) there is two things you can do: discard the first drop and try a second drop and assess or shake harder (more chocolate?).

Also as the adhesive rest between drops, the components might separate again. Give it another lighter shake before each drop.

The effect of the humidity

Never underestimate what the humidity of your room can do to your adhesive and therefore to your finished set! We never say it enough, keeping an eye on your temperature and humidity is vital. Invest in a small humidity monitor, they costs less than £10 and will make your life easier and your clients happier, trust me.

humidity monitor

If your humidity is too low for the adhesive your are using, your adhesive will take longer to dry. Making your appointments longer and wasting your time and money. You might want to have a bottle of glue accelerator at hand to readjust the drying time.

On another hand, if your humidity is higher than recommended for your adhesive, it will dry too quickly. Either it will dry before you reach the natural lash and you'll have to start again. Or it will dry too quickly which means that the extension and the natural lash won't be correctly bonded. This can result in the extension falling straight away, or sometimes in the following days. Clients will come back to you and want refunds or infills, again waste of your time and money.

How to resolve this? Humidity is natural, it comes with the climate you live in plus the room you use and the ventilation plus the number of people in the room also it can change during the day and the seasons ... Stop it right there! That's an equation I'll never be able to resolve, I'm a Lash Artist not Einstein!!!!

humidity lash adhesive

Alright, let's not panic! There is a few tricks you can use for high humidity: invest in a de-humidifier, have different adhesives at hand, which work with different humidity (use slower adhesive in high humidity, etc.), pick up more adhesive so it doesn't dry as fast. 

Remember, it's always good to know your adhesive so choose well but also good to know how to adapt.

Leave your adhesive in the right place

To keep it in best condition, you need to look after our little adhesive friend. No... I don't mean giving it a cushion for sleeping and a bowl of food. What I mean is make sure it is protected from temperature fluctuations and humidity. Keep it upright in an hermetic container (vacuumed sealed box or in our pouch) with a silica gel bag. Make sure it is not left next to a heater or window. Also don't keep it in the fridge, the temperature shock would be too much when you take it out.

It is important to check the shelf life of your adhesive and make sure you discard any old adhesive that wont give you good results. Therefore I don't recommend that you buy too many of the same type of adhesives and keep them in store as they might not keep well.


The best way to make the most of your adhesive is to get to know it, shake it, adapt, store it right ... experiment with different adhesives and find the one(s) you like and stick to them (ahah). That is only a snippet of what you need to know about lash adhesive. I hope that you found this useful.

You can also read our blog about the amount of adhesive to use and our blog about allergies.

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