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Eyelash Extension Competition, are You ready to compete?

Eyelash Extension competitions are becoming more and more popular and are not only a way to show your talent but also to push yourself and learn how to improve. As an International Judge of prestigious competitions all over the world Loreta has gained lots of experience.

8 tips on how to win a gold medal in lash competition

  1. Always check if the competition is recognised within the Beauty world. Find out what the competition rules are. It is very important to know what you will be judged on and how long you have. Also if it is your first competition and you are a bit anxious, it would probably be less nerve wrecking to choose a competition where judges are not allowed in the competition area until judging time for example. Rules can vary from one competition to another.
  2. Choose a good model, symmetry of the eyes would be ideal. It is important to know your model, simply because a lot of unexpected things can happen even to the best Lash Artists. Knowing and planning what you are going to do is going to make your life easier.
  3. Make sure you bring everything you need for the competition and even more. It could be a good idea to create a check list of things to pack. Think carefully as working with last minute unfamiliar tools can cost you time and jeopardise your work. Always carry a few different lash adhesives, as you never know what the environment will be like. Also bring a few pairs of tweezers as dropping tweezers on the floor is easily done with competition nerves and stress.
  4. If you decide to work one eye at a time, set a timer so you don't get carried away with your first eye. Coverage will be one of the criteria as well as symmetry. Make sure that the extensions are evenly spread on each eye and don't forget the inner and outer corners. Leave yourself a few minutes to go through your work: stickies are not acceptable at all!
  5. The “Distance from the lid” criteria is not just for fun! This shows your artistry, technical capabilities, and professionalism. The distance of the extension from the lid recommended for Classic lashes is 0.5 to 0.8mm maximum, for Volume lashes 0.3 to 0,5mm maximum. If you place the lashes too close, they can be irritating for the client and if they are touching the skin this would be a huge mistake. On another hand if you place extension too far, it is also a big mistake as the set wont look good and it won't last. Distance has to be the same in each section of the lash line. There can't be any ups and downs. Judges expect to see a smooth line. To achieve this, you must always tape the skin of the upper lid slightly up, no matter if the model has hooded eyes or not. This will give you a good vision of the natural lashes and layers.
  6. The "Attachment" criteria: there shouldn’t be any lifting bases of extension, or uneven bases if you do Volume lashes. There should only be very thin smooth bases. When judges go through the lashes with tweezers, they can catch all of these bad boys, and it can be “lash rain” , each two lashes that come off is reducing your score by one point. Trust me each point is important when you compete against many talented Lash Artists.
  7. The "Cleanliness" criteria. No cutting corners: lashes must be crystal clear. Also the full eye area must be clean: no makeup residue, no crystallised tears, no gel from eye pads, and eye pads must be clean (no lash adhesive residue or make up on them)
  8. Last but not least, when your work is finished, the tip of your extension must be a smooth line. No "steps" allowed, this will cost you points as well.
These are the basic points of Eyelash Extension Competitions. Of course you might be judged on other criteria depending on which competition you attend. If you are looking for more personalised tips, you may want to attend our classes in our Academy or Loreta's classes all around the World.
And finally, yes, the saying is "you have to be in it to win it" but competition is not all about wining. Competing is improving your skills and learning more about yourself so no losers. And your clients will see the difference too! So be brave, go on, do it, you know you want to!
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Eyelash Extension Competition, are You ready to compete?